The ‘disruption’ comes because you’ll now support what you’re saying on your CV with digital evidence. Which speaks far louder than any unsubstantiated claims you create on your own behalf.

There are very simple ways you’ll do this:


1. Add links to bring your experience to life

While for the accepted CV format (i.e. Contact info’s, then working experience beginning with the best recent. And that (focus on doing one thing very well) in first (or most important) responsibilities and (things that were completed), and references). You should add links to websites, videos or (shared online writing page) posts throughout the experience section to prove your (ability to do things very well) especially areas.
For example, if you were responsible for organizing events during a previous role. Add the link to a video about the event or an internet page with after-event testimonials, photos and reviews. If you ready a report that has been published online, then include the link thereto. If you’ve got written (shared online writing page) posts on some topics connected with your role or part/area also include those links. Goodbye because the links you include are (connected or related). And support the responsibilities and (things that were completed) you list on your CV, they’re going to help you stand out.

2. Showcase your online footprint

When listing your contact details, include your LinkedIn, Twitter and the other relevant social profile links – confirm your social media savvy first. You’ll also link to your blog. A positive digital footprint adds tangible evidence about the talents listed on your CV. Especially if you blog to prove your expertise or add media to your LinkedIn profile. A positive online footprint also can be an endorsement of your soft skills, like communication, creativity and professional conduct. so it’s worth adding these links to your CV.

3. Add a QR code

You could create and add a QR code to your LinkedIn profile or, if relevant to your role, to a digital portfolio of your work. You’ll then add the QR code to the highest of your CV. There are free QR code generators online which will generate one for you.

4. Sync your CV and LinkedIn profile

You’ve to add these same digital elements to your LinkedIn profile. In fact, it’s vital to align your online and offline profiles. Hiring managers will research you online, so confirm the CV you submit and your online profile both match. If not it’ll present a red flag that would jeopardize the likelihood of securing an interview. Also at the very least will cause more detailed questioning in an interview.

The finished product

If you’re unsure where to start, free online tools like This can assist you visualize and digitalize your CV.
Of course there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digitalizing your CV. since the degree of digitalization will depend upon your industry. But the above suggestions will help your CV stand out from the gang, which can put you during a stronger position to secure an interview.