1. You were within the interview for extended than expected
Probably your recruiter has specified how long the interview will last for. If you were within the interview for this amount of your time or longer, then this is often an honest omen. A hiring manager’s time is short but precious, especially during a recruiting period. If they prefer to dedicate this point to find out more about you, then this is often one among the signs that they’re interested.
2. The interview felt conversational
Did you discover it easier to speak to the interviewer? Did the interview desire it had been more of a conversation than a sterile Q&A session? If so, then you quite likely built up an honest rapport with the interviewer and demonstrated some strong interpersonal skills. More so, by gelling well with the interviewer, you’ve got made it easier for them to imagine you aged well with the rest of the team.
3. You’re told what you’d be doing during this role
By this, I mean that the interviewer says things like “In this role, you’d be expected to…” as against “The successful candidate would be expected to…”
Following this, the interview went into great detail about the whole of the role. This is often one among the signs that they’re already imagining you during this position, and is now wanting you to urge the complete picture of the role and what it entails.
4. The interviewer seemed engaged
As you answered their questions and spoke about yourself, did you feel like the interviewer was interested? Consider their visual communication and their responses. If they leant in, nodded, smiled and agreed with what you had to mention. Then the likelihood is that the interviewer was engaged with what you were saying. More so, they were encouraging you to stay talking, because they liked what they were hearing.
5. You are feeling sold to the corporation and thus the role
Did you walk out of this interview feeling settled and excited about the opportunity? And is that this because the interviewer talked about all the simple aspects role and organization. Like, what you’ll gain from it career-progression wise, to the rewards and benefits on offer?
If so, then the interviewer felt sold on your suitability for the chance and wanted this sense to be mutual.
6. Your questions are answered
On an identical note, because the interviewer wanted you to be sold on the chance. The interviewer would are wanting to provide full answers to all or any of your questions. If they provided enthusiastic and detailed answers to the questions you asked and checked with you that these answers were clear. Then this is often an honest sign that the hiring manager wanted to impress you only the largest amount as you wanted to impress them.
7. You were introduced to your potential colleagues
If the hiring manager introduced you to other employees towards the top of the interview, then, again, this is often an encouraging sign.
Better still, if you felt, such as you got on well with these colleagues and made an honest impression, and then this may put you in good standing.
8. You were introduced to senior decision makers
Like I said, the hiring manager isn’t getting to take the time to introduce you to people within the business unless they have already got an honest feeling about you. This is often very true if these people are senior stakeholders.
If you were introduced to a director or c-suite executive, then this is often a symbol that the interviewer knows these people will get to log off their final hiring decision. Thus, they wanted to hurry up the method of arranging a face-to-face introduction, in order that they will see for themselves why you’re the proper choice.
9. You’re asked “closing questions” at the top
These cover the questions surrounding notice period and possible start dates. This will be an honest sign that the interviewer is thinking ahead to the next stage.
You may have also been asked if you’re still curious about the role and if you’ve got the other interviews arising. This means that the hiring manager is keen on you, they need you to feel an equal way, which they don’t want to lose bent the competition.
10. The interviewer is obvious about next steps
As the interview came to an in depth, did the hiring manager tell you what the next stage would be (i.e. – A second interview), and once you could expect to listen to back? In doing this, they’re saying that you are in with an opportunity of creating it to the present stage, so don’t lose interest.
11. The interviewer gave a positive reaction to the recruiter
When you spoke to your recruiter afterwards, did they give you with positive react? If the organization made it themselves to offer a good feedback to the recruiter shortly afterwards. Then this suggests that, yes, they need to continue interviewing other candidates. But they need you to understand that your likelihood is that strong.
A final point I will be able to make is that you shouldn’t take the above signs as absolute confirmation that you have made it to next stage of the method. And you shouldn’t halt your job search due to this. Hopefully, you’ll get some excellent news soon, but if not, don’t lose heart.
The above signs show at the very least that you simply did something right, and were probably a robust contender. Determine from your recruiter what you probably did well, and more importantly, what you’ll improve on, in order that next time, all of those signs point to employment offer.